Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Yves Meatless Skewers" : Giving Ugly A Bad Name

I've written before about my vegetarian lifestyle, including the travail of trying to get enough protein sources into my kids (loyal readers will remember I'm now the house cook). We recently held a veggie burger cook-off where I served up a variety of vegetarian hamburger patties to determine which ones were the house favorites. Almost all received high marks but the winners were the Boca "All American Flame Grilled" and Morningstar Farms "Grillers Prime". Hallelujah for 15 quick-and-easy grams of protein, not counting cheese and bun!

Whenever a new vegetarian product reaches the shelves of the major grocery chains I usually try it out to see if it may be the Next Great Thing I can add to the cooking rotation. This was my state of mind when I brought home both the lemon pepper and bar-be-cue varieties of Yves brand Meatless Skewers, a shiskabob substitute that is supposed to "look and taste just like the real thing" according to some reviewers.

My short review is two words: "dah AM!" The longer review is one I posted to the Albion Cooks blogsite, which I'm re-posting here:

My family looked on in horror and I couldn't stop laughing when I took these out of the package and put them in a pan. They look exactly like bowel movements on a stick!! I cut them up and they actually don't taste too bad, but they are probably the grossest looking packaged product I've ever seen!
You have been warned. The picture you see is the lemon pepper variety. The bar-be-cue variety looks even worse, if you can imagine such a thing.

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