Sunday, October 12, 2008

Minimize Annoying Fish Burp

My lipids are down! My lipids are down!

Now that I'm 50, I went for a full physical exam and am now in line to experience the joys of colonoscopy. When my fasting blood work came back I got the pleasant but unexpected results that my "lipid numbers are better". This cause for joy was followed by the somewhat off-putting advice to "try fish oil, two tablets a day."

Try fish oil? For a vegetarian of two decades these three words carry a lot of impact. Apparently the DHA/EPA Omega-3 in fish oil has a powerful cardiovascular benefit which cannot be obtained any other way, especially from any vegetarian sources.

So if an early death faces either me or the fish then my stance on not eating anything with a face just relaxed a bit. I just came home with a bottle of fish oil capsules and I have to say I'm shaking something fierce at the words I'm reading: this particular brand "minimizes annoying fish burp". I can look forward to MINIMAL fish burps, LITTLE fish burps, BABY fish burps! Apparently eating them with food helps, but I'll have to report on that later.

For somebody with word tics, "Minimize Annoying Fish Burp" does have a perversely compelling rhythm and ring to it. I have visions of painting it on a sign and finding a protest march to join.

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