Friday, July 3, 2009

Gong Fu Hands @ Atlanta's Northlake Mall

For several months now I have been getting wonderful massages at a mall! At least it's behind a curtain, unlike the threading or teeth whitening kiosks, both of which just seem too personal to be out in the open like that.

Here's the scoop: Gong Fu Hands at Northlake Mall in Atlanta is run by a Chinese couple. The woman is extremely proficient but the man is a master of the art. I've had different styles of massages over the years but none at this level of skill and effectiveness. I wish I could tell you this man's name but he speaks maybe two words of English.

Because of the language barrier I'm not able to inquire about the style of massage that he practices other than that is "Chinese massage." My online research suggests it is a form of Tui Na which opens Qi channels for moving energy through the body's meridians. In my personal experience his technique follows my muscular responses to the pressure he applies to basically "roll" any tightness through my body toward one of my four extremities, eventually pushing it to release through my hands or feet. At times a contraction in my lower back will travel up and through my shoulders until my arm starts twitching and flopping around as energy is released through it. In such a situation he is very careful to hold my arm in certain positions so that I am not flailing wildly.

I often find myself being much more aware of my body after these sessions, with better posture and more limber movement. Lots of water and rest help to increase the benefits.

I don't feel that I could possibly express the variety and benefit of his various massage techniques other than to say they are good not only to my body but to my mind, emotions and spirit. For a dollar a minute that's not a bad deal!


Anonymous said...

Yes!!! I had it too! I think the man's name is Huang or something like that. He has miracle hands. I believe the technique is accupressure massage similar to accupuncture but instead of needles they use pressure. This type of massage is truly amazing. Who would have ever thunk a mall?!!

Anonymous said...

Beware of this place. Woman gets way too personal and inappropriate. Touched my crotch several times while massaging my thighs. I never went back. Male friend goes on a regular basis for the thrill. Creepy