Sunday, October 12, 2008

Are You The Happy Or The Sad Monkey?

Gina came home recently excited to report on a theory she heard from one of her co-workers: in every relationship there is a sad monkey and a happy monkey. The two people that make up a couple may have very similar temperaments but relative to each other one is more likely to be naturally happier and the other naturally sadder. The difference may be small but it's almost always there. Her opinion was that this theory is not only true but important and when I asked her what monkey she was her laughter was so hard I expected her to pee on the kitchen floor as she answered, "I think I'm the sad monkey!"

The moment of enlightenment and clarity of vision into one's true nature is known in Buddhism as kensho or satori, and is a wonderful thing to behold in the one you love. May it happen to you.

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