Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tooth Fairy

Just before bedtime last night Casey lost a tooth. As is her established ritual she placed it in the pocket of her special "tooth fairy pillow" and went to sleep. In the morning she found this letter along with a five dollar bill:

Dear Casey:

I’m so happy to get another one of your special teeth. I can tell it’s eaten a lot of yummy food and now its job is done. Do you know it’s been almost exactly one year since I last visited you?

Just like last time, I’m leaving you a little “green” to help you on your way to adult teeth. I’m glad your teeth aren’t green!

Keep doing such a good job brushing your teeth, and it wouldn’t hurt to floss a little now and then (you know how tooth fairies prattle on about good dental health!)

By the way, you were fabulous at your last dental check-up. We tooth fairies always review dental records late at night. Don’t ask how we get into the offices (which we laughingly call “orifices”, heh heh....that’s a little tooth fairy joke, dearie.)

OK, enough chatting for now. I have to zip over to Montana where a little boy lost a tooth and then swallowed it. He wanted his parents to search his poop for it but they said there has to be some limits in this world or otherwise what’s the point of it all? I’m just sayin’…..

Ta ta, precious.
I wish I could write like that. Hey, wait a minute.......

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