Saturday, November 3, 2007


I wanted to post something short and couldn't decide what to write, when I looked at the clock and found the answer: 12:34.

12:34 is the coolest time of all. If I happen to look at a clock when it is 12:34 then I am a cool guy. Notice 12:34 and you are cool too. There's just something about that "one two three four" that is deeply pleasing.

12:35 is too late (sorry, but you can try again in a little less than 12 hours). Noticing the clock is at 12:33 and then waiting for a minute shows patience and dedication, but it doesn't compare to catching 12:34 in the act without trying.

I'm sure many people have little pseudo-magic rituals, indications that everything is all right for just this one moment. 12:34 is one of mine.

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tl said...

growing up my younger sister would always kiss the clock at exactly 11:11. Supposedly this brings good luck. As the older brother, I made fun of her consistently for this retardiculous ritual. Now as a grown man, I sometimes kiss the clock at 11:11. Alas....